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How Effective Rebooking Systems Can Help You Run A Successful Salon Business

Mar 16, 2021   //   by admin_new

A surefire way to keep service income from a salon studio flowing in is through customer rebooking. Rebooking is scheduling the customer’s next appointment or salon visit. An efficient rebooking system ensures customers are up to date with their appointments especially for special treatments that require weekly or monthly service. It is an apparent benefit for you as your future income from that client is already fixed and saves you from looking for new customers. It also benefits the customers as they are ensured of their preferred time on the next visit, assuring that regular care and maintenance of the hair or skin will keep it looking at its best. There are two ways of tackling rebooking, either by talking to your client directly during an appointment or through a rebooking app or system.

Verbal Rebooking

During an appointment within the consultation period, ask your client if they want to rebook their next session to ensure the time slot they prefer as well as to remind them of the importance of treatment or maintenance of their hair to keep it looking healthy and strong. Encourage them that rearranging the time slot or cancellation will not result in a penalty or reduce their rewards points if you are running a reward/loyalty program. After the service, if the customer doesn’t acknowledge or confirm the rebooking schedule, remind them again upon paying for their next schedule of hair/facial/nail treatment. Rebooking is important as an assurance that you have your next month’s income covered by at least 80% for your salon studio rental in Mesa, Az.

Rebooking App/Solution

Rebooking clients is now made easy with the right tool or app such as Belle Vie Pro App. The app’s marketing tool sends clients emails or text messages when they leave the salon thanking them for their patronage. The system can be customized to remind them they can book their next appointment online. They can avail of promotions and discounts by using the app or reward/loyalty program that works with software that encourages them back to redeem their points. Combine the app with your social media presence which will guarantee that you are within your customers’ loop.
Rebooking systems – via verbal or through a rebooking app can assure you of a steady flow of clients. Target reappointments by 80% to 90% of the time to assure you of continuous income for sustainable long-term business success. The other benefit of rebooking and customer loyalty is that you can ask them to refer you to friends and family with incentives of free products or services.
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