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Salon Suite Rental: 5 Prepping Tips Before Going Solo

Mar 16, 2021   //   by admin_new

Preparing to go solo in your hair and beauty career? Building a professional hair, makeup, aesthetic, or nail salon or spa from the ground is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. You’ve earned enough experience as well as clients that you want to start venturing on your own—and be your own boss. It is definitely a new experience and can be overwhelming at times. The good news is, salon suite rental in Mesa, Arizona is available for pro hairstylists, aestheticians, makeup artists, and nail specialists who want to start their own business complete with amenities and tools.

Here are 5 tips from salon suite rental experts in Mesa, Arizona on prepping for your solo flight:

  1. Your Client List – On average, salon suite renters have at least 60 to 300 active clients before deciding on going on their own—and through this active list they expect an 80% to 95% increase from previous shops and client referrals. Target at least 250 to 300 as you go full-time solo. You have to give yourself an allowance for slower months when sales decrease by 10% to 20%, where it is safe for you to cover your operational expenses.
  2. Ready a Budget Plan – Like it or not, you have to do the Math and estimate your start-up budget. This plan should include start-up costs as well as your weekly or monthly budget. Start-up costs such as salon suite rental costs and deposits (if any) in Mesa, Arizona, extra furnishings and decor – finishing touches, signage or calling card printing, initial inventory as well as retail items, bookkeeping solution, and magazine subscriptions. Monthly or weekly estimated expenses should also be listed as a reference or guide to your day-to-day operations and in keeping track of sales and expenses.
  3. Decide on your prices – Your initial prices on services provided will determine how many of your clients will remain loyal to you. This is where having a list of 250 to 300 clients comes in handy as you can’t increase your prices when you go solo right away. Your sales target should be on the number of clients and not on increasing the prices of services provided. Cutting prices down from $5 to $15 will win more loyalty from your client list.
  4. Management tools are your new business partners. Going solo means no receptionist to help you with appointments, keeping track of sales and inventory, or even the W-2. Salon suite solutions are available to keep you abreast with managing your studio including your appointments and POS. Other apps/software are available to keep track of your taxes. Learn to use these solutions and apps to keep you on top of the salon management game.
  5. Establish your brand – As more solo professional stylists and aestheticians use their own name as a name for their suite/studio, it is important to establish the character of your brand including logo, design of interiors, calling cards, and iconic image that your clients will remember you by.

Going solo takes preparation and heart to reach your goals and dreams. For more information on Salon Suite rental in Mesa, click this links,, or call 480-378-0100 or visit the salon suite at 1145 N Ellsworth Rd Suite 105, Mesa, AZ 85207.

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