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How To Use The Web And Social Media Marketing To Promote Your Salon Business

Mar 16, 2021   //   by admin_new

Going solo in your professional career as a hairstylist, aesthetician, makeup artist, or nail care specialist? You need to arm yourself with a marketing strategy to promote your own salon studio rental in Mesa, Arizona to expand your target market and sustain growth. In today’s digital age, it is easier to promote a service using the web or internet and social media marketing. A website will give you the online presence that’s necessary in today’s digital world, where everything is reachable through search engines. Social media platforms enable you to reach, engage and increase your target audience.
Here are great tips from salon studio rental experts in Mesa, Arizona on how to take advantage of digital marketing to promote your salon enterprise.

  1. Take advantage of the free ad from your own website. Digital marketing through your own website gives you the advantage of having free ads for your salon suite rental. You can also use the site for appointment booking and other notices. It is easier to build your own site with your own style and design that you think will attract your audience.
  2. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are great platforms to reach and engage your market. They also instantly connect you to your audience in ways conventional marketing can’t. Create a fan page for your salon studio rental in Mesa, Arizona. Upload pictures of your studio and promote your brand of unique services.
  3. Give special discounts and freebies to your loyal Facebook subscribers, Pinterest, and Instagram followers. Get viral by giving special promos and discounts to your loyal subscribers and followers. They in turn will give you great reviews and help you promote your studio to their friends and followers.
  4. You can use Instagram to reach your focus area using hashtags to pinpoint your location. Customers looking for a salon within your vicinity can locate you through your Instagram photos with Mesa, AZ. So those looking for a hairstylist, makeup artist, nail stylist/technician, or facial care treatment can easily locate your salon suite and book an appointment.
  5. Showcase your expertise by posting before and after photos on your social media pages. Testimonials and reviews in text forms are great but pictures tell a thousand words. Grab social media users’ attention with captivating before and after photos that show your skills.
  6. Digital marketing through websites and social media lets you reach your market with a swipe and tap of a finger. Take time during your breaks or after service hours to connect with your audience and watch your sales grow.

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